Roubenka guest house

The house No. 3, in which the Roubenka 1791 guest house is situated, is the most valuable building in the Truskavna village. It is one of the most significant pieces of evidence of the high period in terms of log architecture in the area of Kokořín. At the gable there is a plate designed in a sophisticated way with the date 1791 on a clinker brick filler block. As it has so far been only minimally affected by reconstructions and modifications the building is one of the most valuable folk buildings in the region.


The front ground floor part of the house (the cottage room) is made of logs with a small room in the second wing. The loft is fully made of logs. Along the lateral entrance side there is a long gallery with beautifully glyphic balusters; the middle part of the gallery protrudes like a balcony.

As a part of the original farming there was also breeding of domestic animals. Several goats, sheep and rabbits are also bred today, which contributes to the recreation of the calm rural atmosphere of the village at that time.

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