The village of Truskavna

The little village of Truskavna is situated in a dissected topography of the central part of the Kokořín Protected Area at the edge of a plain utilized for agriculture and on the eastern and the southern parts steeply inclining to the Šemánovický and the Truskavenský valleys. On the western part the plain with the village is bordered by a system of side ravines of the Zimořský valley and in the north by an extensive woody area between Vidim and Dubá, interbanded with numerous sandstone ravines.


The village building density is concentrated around a small sloping village square surrounded in essence by only four (originally two) rural homesteads and several cottages. Especially on the eastern and the southern sides of the village there is a concentration of more recent cottage developments, often on the steep slopes of the valley. In the middle of the village square there is a huge lime-tree, an iron cross on a sandstone pedestal and a small forked bell tower.

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